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Curated Event Experiences

Crafting experiences to serve the nomadic family is what we're all about! Learn more about our curated event offerings & join the Republic!

Expedition Events

Expedition events are curated opportunities to explore our natural world more deeply with other families. From boondocking to backpacking and more, these events will allow your family to stretch your exploration muscles in an environment with lots of support from families who are experienced in these endeavors. You’ll leave our expedition events with new skills and the confidence to continue to grow those skills with your family as you go forward!


Alliance Events

Alliance events are designed to infuse your family’s travels with purpose. These opportunities to serve together as a family and alongside other nomadic families will strengthen your connections within your home as well as with the broader community of nomads and the world in which we live.

Assembly Events

Assembly events are where your family will have the opportunity to take a deep-dive into local cultures, history, and more to build depth to your roadschooling experience. If you’ve ever left a location wishing you had more time to really dig into experiencing all that an area has to offer, assembly events are the answer to this! These small events are carefully curated to incorporate hands-on learning about a location and its culture or history before, during, and after the event while connecting you with other families who are on a similar path of exploration.

Image by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič
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