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To serve and grow our community through experience-based travel opportunities & service. Equipping families to transition from short-term to long-term family travel by creating culture centered around Nomadic family living.

Will you answer the call of the republic?


Republic of Nomads values inclusion and celebrates diversity. We believe that every family has a place within the Republic & that the richness and beauty of the Republic is because of the unique contributions of perspective and experience that each family brings with them to share and to strengthen the nomadic family community.


Who We Are

With a combined 16 years of full-time RV travel between them, Christian Axness and Stephanie Simpson understand the deep desire for connection & purpose. which are imperative for families to thrive in a traveling lifestyle. Through numerous conversations about the growing need for families to make the transition from recreational RVers to fulltime RV travelers in order to sustain this lifestyle, the Republic of Nomads was born. An adventure community focused on assisting families through the transition from short-term to long-term family travel, the Republic of Nomads centers around developing a lifestyle of adventure, exploration & service focused travel, empowering families to live their best lives on the road—for however long and far that road takes you!

We met the Simpson family through a Facebook group and throughout our travels on they've always extended their knowledge to others!

Christian A

When Christian and Nate invited us to go for the first time to Glacier National Park, we were so excited!


Not only did we learn so much from them, but it is also still one of our most favorite family memories! They are amazing!


If you get the chance to go with them, GO!!

Nicole M

I'm really excited to get involved! We've been traveling but haven't yet found a community with a purpose.


I can sense that The Republic of Nomads will be filling a huge need!

Ashley P

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